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Your days of figuring tech out on your own, wasting time & money, and feeling helpless are officially over.

Think of a funnel as a journey to turn your potential client to into buyers! That’s exactly how the funnel works.

The two main packages that I offer are the quiz funnel package and the email funnel package. Although both are set up differently, the end goal remains the same!

With the quiz funnel, your target audience answers your questions, and you provide them your free/discounted offer in exchange for their email list. 

With the email funnel, potential clients are separated to lists based on actions they take along the customer journey. This helps to keep track of good leads.

Quiz Funnel Package

A popular way to engage with your target audience and build your email list!

You’ll also be guided with the RIGHT quiz builder for your business and be provided with a customized tutorial to keep for any future edits.

Email Funnel Package

Whether it’s for a discovery call or chat, you need a way to qualify potential clients for your high ticket programs. 

Let’s build you a system that provides a smooth customer experience and helps you easily identify lists for future follow-ups.

Ultimate Mailchimp Course

Unleash the stress of having to catch up to learn the tech tools that help you grow your business.

Go at your own pace and access the lessons at anytime. 
Lifetime support with me included!

Quiz Funnel Package

One of the popular ways to collect emails! It’s fun, engaging and a great way to ask your clients their email in exchange for a solution to their problem!

Christal provided by far the BEST SERVICE AND SUPPORT.

Christal is exceptional in every way. I needed help creating an online quiz. She advised me on the different quiz options, guided me through the process, let me request revisions, selected great images, gave great recommendations and she even went far above and beyond by contacting my email service provider and other services that the quizzes integrated with to ensure everything was working really well. 

-Ali Parrish, Founder and Director at Teacher Transition

Email Funnel Package

You need a way to keep the serious prospects from the bad ones, and the email funnel is perfect for this. Guide your potential client step by step from the landing page on your website to the order page of your website once the discovery call/chat ends.

Christal is a problem solver.

Christal was always checking in with me to see if I needed anything else. Christal is a genuine, honest, trustworthy person that cares about the success of your business. Christal is a problem solver and won’t give up until she finds an efficient solution.

Sarah N., Shamanic Energy Healer

Ultimate Mailchimp Course

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to overjoy! Learn how to use Mailchimp with confidence. Perfect for beginners.

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