Ready to learn about automation without sacrificing your time? This will be a breeze for you!

You know you need to know how to automate your business, but you can’t seem to learn on your own and feeling like you’re falling behind.

You start learning your way around the backend, but something went wrong and you have no idea how to fix it. You’ve tried Googling, search for Youtube videos – while they provide the best resource, they don’t always answer the specific questions that you want to learn more of. Scrolling through article after article that’s either outdated or still not making sense to you. And while having personal access to Support may be great too – but they’re either unavailable, or take a couple days to reach back to you. You feel stuck and lost.

Believe me, I get it!

My clients went through the exact same frustrations and difficulties. But after teaching them how to use their tools, they’re able to find their way around with confidence and ease. If you want a solution, I may have a right fit for you.


The Ultimate Mailchimp Course

The only mini course designed especially for non-tech-savvy spiritual coaches like you hustling to build their online empire while saving quality time for yourself that will teach you how to use automation and learn about them in your own time! 

Prepare to go from overwhelmed  to overjoyed.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Whether you haven’t heard of it, or haven’t used it much, here’s why you need to with a full tour of Zapier and how it can benefit your business.

Email Support

You can contact me at anytime via email!

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She encouraged me to understand and learn how my business worked.

I am not a very ‘techy’ person and Christal would send me ‘how to’ videos if I did not know how to do something on my own. This was very helpful and important because Christal never made me feel dependent on her. She encouraged me to understand and learn “how” my business worked. We worked as a team!

I am very happy with Christal’s services and highly recommend them to anyone that wants to enhance and grow their business. She’s the best in her field! 5 stars!

Sarah N., Shamanic Energy Healer

I can't believe the value in this program!

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This course / program is perfect for you if . . .

It’s time to stop the runaround and finally start running your business empire. 

You want to start connecting with your audience with ease without stress and overwhelm and constantly questioning your ability to use the tech tools you have.

Don’t let another week go by. This is your sign to act now!

Today is the day that you start to decide if you want things to remain as they are or finally say that enough is enough! It’s time for a new solution. My clients knew they did not want any more time taken away from what matters most to them. So after working with me, they found relief and confidence.

I’m your Quiz Funnel and Automation Whiz and the Creator of the Ulimate Mailchimp Course. I help non-teh-savvy spiritual coaches be empowered to take charge of the behind the scenes tech!

Wherever you are in your tech journey, I’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you. Let’s begin!

No. This course only has prerecorded videos.

I certainly can! Please be sure to email at and I will check it out.

No deadlines! There will be opportunities for you to practice what you learn, but you can do the homework at anytime. No pressure 🙂 

I understand that glitches do happen! I will do my best to respond within 48 hours to get this issue fixed. If this does not happen within 48 hours, I will keep you informed.

I offer a paid $20/month Facebook group where you can contact me anytime and I will respond to your tech question with video tutorials via Loom. You also have 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp. You have the option to unsubscribe at anytime.

If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with this course, my team will issue a refund 2 weeks after purchasing this course. Please provide proof that: 1) you have completed at least 2 chapters and 2) have done the practical homework with screenshots/video that you have done the homework. Once that is reviewed by my team, we will issue your refund.

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Total Value = $197


If it’s been on your mind for this long, take this as a sign from the Universe. Claim this price now before it goes!

Are you ready to finally automate with confidence and ease?