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Christal Radix (2)

Hi, I’m Christal.


I’m a Writing and Editing Professional with 2 years of experience. I have written and edited a wide variety of content that informs or explains a subject to a target audience (such as press releases, reports, job descriptions, Powerpoint presentations just to name a few).


I also offer writing coaching to persons that need to improve their writing skills in essay writing, letter writing and speech writing.


Communication nowadays is a useful tool, but often misused which can lead to the wrong outcome. With just a simple check through, your intended message will maintain clarity, readability, and more importantly, grab your reader’s attention.


I have obtained many writing opportunities – from participating in a writing workshop in Paris, living in London as a student journalist, exploring script-writing in Newcastle and becoming a published author 2 years later after graduating with a Masters in Creative Writing – all of which have lead me to where I am now. I enjoy helping people – and I hope to do more good through sharing my talents with others.


Feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can do together.